A choking boy

John and Mary were sitting on an ice cream shop patio enjoying a beautiful fall day. So far, that first September day had been warmer and sunnier than the summer months.

School had started again, so there was a reason to celebrate. John and Mary were munching on delicious vanilla ice cream while making plans for the upcoming school year. Meanwhile, a six-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy walked into the ice cream shop. It seemed as though they were siblings. Their mother was standing on the other side of the town square talking to another woman. The girl bought a bag of candies, took one for herself and helped her brother unwrap one as well. John and Mary weren’t paying much attention to them when all of a sudden the girl broke into an awful scream.

It was nearly impossible to understand what she was saying.

John got up and came toward her.

“What’s the matter?“

“My brother is choking,“ the girl finally managed to say.

Without delay or hesitation, John gently pushed the girl aside. The boy’s face was red and he was holding his throat with his hands. His eyes were bulging and he kept opening his mouth but could not say anything. Mary came over to help as well.

Mary grabbed the boy and bent him over her knee. The boy was lying with his chest pressed against her thigh.

John firmly hit him in the back, then again, and then a couple more times. Nothing was happening. The boy started to turn blue.

“Abdominal thrusts,“ yelled Mary as she was helping the boy stand up straight.

Mary positioned herself behind the boy, grabbed him with her hands around his belly and formed a fist. She then put her fist on the boy’s belly button, held down her fist with her other hand and repeatedly pushed her fist upward into the boy’s abdomen. The pushes were so strong that the boy’s legs lifted from the ground.

She repeated this move five times but nothing was happening.

“Again and lean him forward more!“ said John.

Mary bent the boy so that he was hanging with his head toward the ground over her thigh.

John reached back and gave a firm blow between the boy’s shoulder blades. Finally! A big red piece of candy fell to the ground. The boy started screaming. At that moment the mother of the children was almost there. She had seen what was happening and began racing over to help her children. As she was calming the boy down, she was thanking John a Mary.

John and Mary’s ice cream treat was well deserved that day. If they had not acted fast, the boy could have suffocated.

Dictionary / slovníček:

patio – terasa

fall – americký výraz pro podzim

so far – doposud

munch – žvýkat, chroupat

munch on – žvýkat něco

meanwhile – mezitím

siblings – sourozenci

choke – dusit se

he is choking – on se dusí

hesitation – váhání

grab – popadnout

chest – hrudník

thigh – stehno

abdominal thrusts – stlačení břicha (Heimlichův manévr)

fist – pěst

belly button – pupík

lean forward – předklonit

blow – rána

shoulder blades – lopatky

suffocate – udusit se