John and Mary are very good friends and neighbours. They attend the same school and go to the same class together. They like going to school because they have a lot of friends there, they play a lot of games together and have fun.


Each Tuesday, during the lunch break, John and Mary play games with their classmates on the playground in front of their school. There was an accident one day when they were playing dodge-ball. Their friend Tom fell down and injured himself. Tom tumbled over a stone, scraped his right hand and bumped his head against the ground. John and Mary ran to him immediately. Tom’s scraped hand was not bleeding much but his left ankle was swollen. Tom could not remember what happened, he had a headache and felt sick. “He has a twisted ankle and probably a brain concussion,“ thought John and Mary.

John ran to the school to get the first aid kit. Mary took her mobile phone, dialled 155 and called the ambulance. She told the nurse: “Hello, my name is Mary. There is an injured boy on Palackého road in front of the school. He scraped his right arm, has a twisted ankle and probably a brain concussion.” The nurse said: “OK. Don’t worry. The ambulance will come in 15 minutes. Thank you for the phone call. Good bye Mary.” “Good bye,” said Mary.

“Don’t worry Tom. The ambulance is coming. We know first aid and we can help you.” said Mary. John came back with the first aid kit. Tom lay down on his jacket and Mary put her jumper under his head. John bandaged Tom’s right hand and they put elastic bandage on Tom’s ankle.

Mary and John were waiting there with Tom until the ambulance came. The rescuers thanked them for their help and took Tom to a hospital. They said that Tom would be all right. John and Mary felt well because they were able to give first aid and help their friend.

Dictionary / slovníček:

bandage – obvaz

bleeding – krvácení

brain concussion – otřes mozku

bump against – uhodit se o

classmate – spolužák

dodge-ball – vybíjená

elastic bandage – elastické obinadlo

first aid kit – lékárnička

jumper – svetr

lay down – lehl si

lunch break – polední přestávka

playground – hřiště

probably – pravděpodobně

scrape – odřít se

sick – cítit se špatně od žaludku

swell – otéct

tumble over – zakopnout přes (něco)

twisted ankle – vyvrtnutý kotník