A Day at the Lake


Judy and Harry woke up early that Saturday and they were really excited. Their parents have promised to take them on a trip to a nearby lake that weekend. “What are you bringing along?” Judy asked her brother. “Everything!” Harry replied while trying to fit a whole football into his tiny backpack. “We should bring some board games.” His sister said. “And swimsuits! It’s supposed to be sunny today.” Harry added. He learned how to swim last summer and was excited to practice some more.

Their loud packing woke mom up, who suddenly appeared in the doorway. “Look at you two! Ready to go?” She smiled. “Dad’s making scrambled eggs, so come by for breakfast once you’re done packing.”

After a quick breakfast, Judy and Harry were the first ones to get in the car, yelling at their parents impatiently. “Mom, Dad, come on! We have to get there before everyone else does.” Judy shouted from the backseat. Mom and dad quickly followed, started the car and they all took off on their adventure.

They arrived just at the right moment. There weren’t a lot of people around, so they were able to find the perfect spot to lay out their beach towels. Judy and Harry immediately darted towards the lake. The water was warm and they were both having a lot of fun – splashing at each other, holding their breath underwater, trying to swim as fast as they could. “Remember, don’t go too far!” Mom shouted at them. “The water can be tricky.” She took out a pen, sat in a folding chair, and started doing crossword puzzles. Dad remembered to bring a hammock to the lake, so he immediately hung it between two nearby trees. Once it was all set up, he jumped into it and quickly fell asleep, snoring loudly.

In the afternoon, Judy and Harry were sitting wrapped in their beach towels, playing board games. More people arrived at the lake now, and they were having all sorts of fun. Some were building sandcastles, others were playing badminton. But all of a sudden, Judy saw someone’s hand in the lake, waving furiously. She knew exactly what was happening. “Harry! Mom! Dad! I think a kid is drowning in the lake!” She screamed. Both mom and dad sprung up and looked towards where Judy was pointing. “Quick, Harry, run to the lifeguard and let him know what’s going on!” Mom told Harry, who nodded and ran to get help. Meanwhile, mom and dad ran as fast as they could to the lake to help. They got into the water and as close to the drowning boy as possible. He was unconscious. “Let’s get him out of the water!” Mom shouted at dad. They quickly pulled him to the shore, where a lifeguard was prepared to help, alongside Harry and Judy.

The lifeguard laid the boy on his back. He turned his head to the side to get rid of any water in his mouth. He slapped to him to see if he wakes up, then quickly checked his pulse. He tilted the boy’s head backwards, pinched his nose and breathed a couple of times directly into his mouth. “What is he doing?” Harry asked. “It looks that his heart is beating.” Dad replied. “Now, the lifeguard needs to get all the water out of the kid’s airways so he can breathe again.” Luckily, after about five breaths into the boy’s mouth, he opened his eyes and started coughing up water. He kept looking around, confused, still coughing and breathing heavily. The lifeguard turned to Harry and Judy. “You saved his life! If it hadn’t been for your quick reaction, things could have gone a lot worse.” They all smiled at each other and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

5 tips to prevent water trouble!

1. Never go swimming alone.

2. Don’t swim too far from the shore.

3. When on a boat, wear a life vest.

4. If you see someone drowning, immediately call an ambulance.

5. Always ask an adult for help – never try saving someone from drowning on your own.

Butterflies in the water

There’s more than one way to swim! Do you know which style is which?

  • backstroke (znak)
  • freestyle (kraul)
  • butterfly (motýlek)
  • breaststroke (prsa)

1. Where did Judy and Harry go on a trip?

a) They went to the city.

b) They went to the mountains.

c) They went to the lake.

2. What accident happened that afternoon?

a) Someone fell off a bicycle.

b) Someone was drowning.

c) Someone got food poisoning.

3. How did Harry help?

a) He saw someone drowning.

b) He ran to the lifeguard to get help.

c) He started a fire.


lake – jezero
nearby – nedaleký
swimsuit – plavky
in the doorway – ve dveřích
scrambled eggs – míchaná vajíčka
yell – křičet
impatiently – netrpělivě
follow – následovat
spot – místo
dart – vystřelit (běžet)
splash – cákat
hold (their) breath – zadržovat dech
tricky – zrádný
folding chair – skládací židle
crossword puzzles – křížovky
hammock – houpací síť
snore – chrápat
sandcastle – hrad z písku
waving – mává
furiously – zuřivě
drowning – topící se
sprung up – vyskočili
lifeguard – plavčík
nodded – pokývnul

unconscious – v bezvědomí

shore – břeh

slapped – dát facku

tilted – naklonil

pinched his nose – zacpal mu nos

directly – přímo

airways – dýchací cesty

coughing up – vykašlávat

confused – zmatený

breathed a sigh of relief – oddychnout si

1C, 2B, 3B