Asthma and allergy

Because spring started very early this year, John and Mary decided to go to the playground in the park nearest their house. It was a really beautiful day and both were enjoying it. The spring began and the first trees and flowers started to bloom a few days ago. And because it was Saturday, the playground was full of other kids.

John and Mary didn’t want to play with them, so both rather sat, enjoyed the sun and talked to each other, planning their summer holiday.

Apart from the small children, there were also some grandparents in the park enjoying the sun like John and Mary.

During their talk about holiday plans, John suddenly saw that one of the kids started to cry. He told Mary about him and both were very curious what was happening. Soon after, the kid’s grandma said:

“It was just a bee, bad bee, and it’s gone, don’t worry about it anymore,” and started to cool the spot where the bee had stung the boy.

The kid calmed down a little, but then saw his arm and started to cry again. His forearm was swollen and was swelling more and more.

“He is allergic to bee stings,” said Mary. “And so am I. That is why I have Fenistil gel with me,” she added.

“Let’s offer them some help,” said John, and both went over to the grandmother with the little crying boy.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Mary asked the old woman.

“Thomas is allergic to bee stings. We have some Fenistil gel, it usually helps, but today it didn’t,” she said with concern in her voice.

The boy’s forearm started to get really huge and John noticed that the boy began coughing and in a few seconds almost stopped breathing.

“What’s wrong?” John asked the boy.

“I … can’t … breath … normally …” said the boy. John thought about what else could be wrong with the boy, but Mary was faster.

“Does he suffer with asthma?” She asked the old woman.

“Yes, he does, but I have never seen him having an asthma attack and also don’t know how to use the medicine he takes in these cases.”

But both John and Mary knew how to use it and what to do. John sat the boy down on the bench and Mary asked the woman for the inhalator.

“How many doses do you usually take?” Mary asked the boy.

“Tw … two” the kid answered.

“Don’t worry, I will help you with taking them now,” Mary said and helped the boy take his medicine. Meanwhile, the grandma called the kidˇs parents and in a few minutes John saw them running across the playground.

After using his inhaler, the boy started to breath normally. The parents and the grandma decided to take Thomas to the hospital for a check-up.

As John and Mary were almost leaving the playground, they suddenly heard the boy:

“Will you come here to play with me sometimes?”

Dictionary / slovníček:

playground – dětské hřiště

curious – zvědavý

apart from – až na, kromě koho/čeho

allergic to – alergický na

bee sting – včelí bodnutí

forearm – předloktí

calm down – uklidnit, zklidnit se

that is why – proto, a tak

swelling – otékající

offer help – nabídnout pomoc

concern – obava

notice – všimnout, povšimnout si

suffer with… – trpět na…

how many doses – kolik dávek

meanwhile – mezitím, prozatím, do té doby

check-up – kontrola, vyšetření (u doktora)