Day on the beach

John and Mary got their school reports about a week ago. The summer holidays began. John and Mary wanted to spend some days with their friends camping. They decided to go to a campsite near a pond with their four friends. They wanted to swim in the pond, sunbathe on the beach, go hiking and spend a relaxing week.

When they got up one day, they saw that the weather was going to be nice. Therefore they decided to spend the whole day on the beach. After breakfast they took their towels, sunscreens, books and other things they needed for the day on the beach. One of their friends, Tom, took a ball too. He liked playing volleyball and wanted to play it with his friends.

John and Mary put on sunscreen before they left the tents to protect themselves against sunburn. They also took a beach umbrella and put their towels under it so that they could lay in the shade. They went swimming and played volleyball with Tom and other friends as well. Tom was excited that the weather was so nice. He was playing volleyball the whole day and enjoyed it very much. However, he had totally forgotten to put on the sunscreen! In the afternoon his face, shoulders and back were red (sunburnt). John and Mary tried to cool the red parts of his skin and finally they put a cream with panthenole on it.

Late in the afternoon, during the last match, an accident happened. Cathy, the girl who was playing volleyball with Tom, fell and felt pain in her arm. Tom and Mary ran to her immediately. They examined her arm and found a blackandblue mark on it. Moving the arm was also very painful for Cathy. John and Mary thought that the arm could be broken. Mary stayed with Cathy, put a sling on her arm and was also talking to her. John took his mobile phone, dialed 155 and called the ambulance. He told the nurse: “Hello, my name is John Smith. There is an accident on the beach near Dorrs pond. There is an injured girl whose arm is probably broken.” The nurse said: “OK. Don’t worry. The ambulance will be there in 15 minutes. Thank you for the call. Good bye John.” “Good bye,” said John.

John, Mary and all the other friends stayed with Cathy. When the ambulance came, they wished her good luck. The doctors in the hospital found out that Cathy´s arm was broken. They put a plaster on it and Cathy could return to the campsite and spend the rest of the week with her friends.

Dictionary / slovníček:

accident – nehoda

beach – pláž

beach umbrella – slunečník

blackandblue mark – modřina

broken – zlomený

campsite – kemp

cool – chladit

examine – prohlédnout, prozkoumat

fell (down) – upadla

found out – zjistili

go hiking – jít na túry

injured – zraněný

painful – bolestivý

plaster – sádra

pond – rybník

protect – ochránit

shade – stín (místo bez slunce)

school reports – školní vysvědčení

skin – pokožka

sling – závěs (šátkový) na zlomenou ruku

sunbathe – opalovat se

sunburn – popáleniny od slunce

sunscreen – ochranný krém proti slunci

towel – ručník

wished her good luck – popřáli štěstí