Epilepsy story: John and Mary are giving first aid

Phillipe had a car accident which happened three months ago. He had a head injury. And since that he’s been having an epilepsy. Do you know, what it is?

„Mary, are you home?“ shouted John. „Look, I got an invitation from Phillipe.“

„What does it say on that invitation? And who is Phillipe?“ asked Mary.

„Phillipe is my older cousin and he invited me to his birthday party. I can take my best friend, so will you come with me?“ And of course Mary said yes.

So they both packed some stuff and Johns dad took them to Phillipe. Phillipe was celebrating 15th birthday, so it was quite a big day. John didn’t forget to buy some present and they were on the way in no time.

Johns dad said to John and Mary during the way: „There is something you should know. Phillipe had a car accident which happened three months ago. He had a head injury, you know that. And since that he’s been having an epilepsy. Do you know, what it is?“

„Yes,“ said John, „it’s a kind of seizure. People are unconscious and shaking during this attack. They can take some pills, but there is still no cure for it.“

„Exactly, that’s right,“ said Johns dad.

„And we must take care of these people because they can hurt themselves during the seazure and sometimes they can even stay unconscious after that seizure,“ said Mary.

„Yes, that is true as well,“ said dad. „I think you know what to do. Phillipe is having these epileptic seizures very often. Not every day, but every week. So we all must be prepared.“

And so they arrived to the party and celebration begun. It was a nice party, Phillipe has got a lot of friends and had prepared very nice programme for all visitors. John and Mary could stay during night, so they were helping with cleaning stuff after party.

Phillipe felt tired quite soon so he left them cleaning and went to have a bath. And suddenly after about twenty minutes Mary heard scream. Phillipes parents and Johns dad were cleaning garden, so she went to the bathroom alone, because that was the place where the screaming came from. And she found confused Phillipe in the bath crying.

„John!!“ shouted Mary, didn’t know what happened. „Come here, help me, Phillipe is hurt somehow.“

John came and touched Phillipe and realized that he is hot and burned. So he removed the bath plug and the hot water drained out. Mary run to find adults and John helped his cousin out of the bath. Phillipe got his back and legs burnt, only first degree, but is was painful anyway. Phillipe was crying and still very confused and exhausted. „I got my epileptic seizure I guess. I feel like I did,“ cried Phillipe.

Meanwhile Phillipe parents ran in and helped Phillipe to cool his burnt parts and called an ambulance.

„I think I know what happened,“ said Phillipes mum. „He got his epileptic seizure and kicked the tap during shaking, so only the hot water was coming  into the bath.“

Ambulance came quickly and took Phillipe to the hospital. He was all right and they let him go home next day. Mary and John stayed one more day so they met Phillipe after he returned.

Vocabulary / slovníček:

An epileptic seizure – epileptický záchvat

A cure – lék

Unconsciousness – bezvědomí

Unconscious – v bezvědomí

Attack – záchvat, útok

Meanwhile – mezitím

Tap – kohoutek