John and Mary giving first aid

“I hope you haven’t overslept today!” shouted John to Mary’s window. It was an early morning and John was impatiently waiting for his best friend Mary and her younger brother David. Both friends and John’s dad were leaving for a trip in few minutes and John wanted to leave in time.

“On my way downstairs,” replied Mary and they left in five minutes. All four people got aboard of John dad’s car, John sat with Mary and her younger brother David in the back and John’s dad in the front of the car.

“Use your seatbelts,” said John’s dad. He was also showing kids landscape they were passing by and everybody was looking forward to visiting the castle in the capital city.

“Did you see this driver?” asked John’s dad. They almost didn’t. He was driving very fast and dangerously, with a phone in his right hand. “I hope we won’t meet him again during our trip.”

But they did. Few kilometers further they met him again. His black car crashed into a tree. John’s dad stopped a few dozen meters behind the crashed car.

“Why are you parking so far? Won’t we help the men in the car?” asked David.

“We will, but we must take care of ourselves first and I don’t want any other car to crash into our car,” replied John’s dad, switched off the engine and turned on the warning lights in his car. “Mary, come with me check the situation and John, stay with David in the car and don’t leave it!”

So Mary went with John’s dad. They put on warning vests, because they wanted to be seen, and came to the car. It was badly damaged, airbags were out and driver was sitting in his seat, still holding a phone in his hand.

“Are you all right, sir?” asked John’s dad and the man replied he was, but hit his head a bit. The man was able to get out of his car, so John’s dad turned off the engine in this car as well, turned on warning lights and turned off the radio which was playing music very loudly.

“Stay with him here, Mary, and call for help. You know where we are, right?” said dad and left with a warning triangle to put it about 50 meters behind the car. Mary borrowed man’s phone, because she left her phone in their car, and called 112.

The dispatcher asked her for an exact address, number of hurt people, her name and Mary told him everything.

“You are a very smart girl, but is there anyone adult? Your parents for example?”

“No, but the dad of my friend, he is coming back…” she replied. John’s dad just came and took the phone.

“Hello, I need more information,” said the dispatcher, “but don’t worry, I’ve already dispatched the police, ambulance and firefighters to your location. Is anything leaking from the car?”

“Yes, the gas tank is probably broken and the gasoline is leaking on the road.”

“Okay sir, so you are on the road 7, kilometer 52 and there is one person hurt, but conscious and communicating, right?”

“Right,” replied John’s dad.

“I don’t need any other information, call back if anything happens,” said the dispatcher and finished the call.

Meanwhile, Mary came to their car and changed with John, because David was crying and wanted to be with Mary.

“I found the first aid kit,” said John‘s dad, “you are better in providing first aid than I am, so here you are.” John took the kit and sat next to the man, where Mary was sitting before.

“Just the head, right?” asked John and the man nodded. “There’s just a small cut, no blood leaking from it, so I’ll just cover it and fix it.” John put on gloves he found in the first aid kit and did his best.

It was just ten minutes from the call and all units were at the place. Police secured the crashed car and asked John’s dad few questions, paramedics took the man to the ambulance and left with him in a few minutes and firefighters solved the problem with leaking gasoline and extracted the car from the ditch back on the road.

John, his dad, Mary and David were almost leaving when policeman came to them and said:

“The man in the car was Peter and he wanted me to thank you for your help.” The policeman smiled, all of them fastened their seatbelts and they continued in their journey.

“A new story to tell my mum,” said Mary, happy that everything was all right.

Dictionary / slovníček:

impatiently – netrpělivě

seatbelts – bezpečnostní pásy

to crash – nabourat, havarovat

engine – motor

warning lights – výstražná světla

warning vests – bezpečnostní, výstražné vesty

warning triangle – výstražný trojúhelník

exact adress – přesná adresa

to dispatch – vyslat (v tomto případě záchranáře)

to leak – vytékat

gas tank – palivová nádrž

gasoline – benzin

first aid kit – lékárnička

to extract – vyprostit

ditch – příkop