Lost in the mountains

Every year, John and Mary go on a small trip to the mountains with a group of friends from the Red Cross. Their leader Filip picks them up like the other kids in front of their house and the trip can begin.

In about an hour they usually arrive to a parking place near the lake and Filip then distributes some necessary materials to the kids. Mary always gets the map, because she is good in reading maps and can use compass properly. John gets the first aid kit and other kids get torches, spare bottles with water and chocolate bars for energy. Every child also has a backpack with some drink, a snack, sunglasses and a raincoat. This year, a new guy, Thomas, joined them. He brought his new camera he got for Christmas. Taking photos is his hobby so everybody is looking forward to seeing pictures from the trip.

Filip told everybody some trip rules – everybody has to stay together, everybody will follow the road and breaks for snack and drinking will be compulsory. And because of the sun shining that much, everybody has to wear sunglasses.

Nine o’clock – finally! The trip started. John and Mary were in the leading position because they had the map. Filip was the last one – he wanted to keep track of things. Thomas was running all around taking photos of his new friends, animals they met and views as well.

On the first snack break John saw Thomas running to take a photo of a butterfly. He called his friends name, but Thomas didn’t hear. So John just told Mary and went to get Thomas. But he suddenly slipped and fell into the river! John slowly went down to help him, but Thomas was dragged away by the stream. He cried for help and wasn’t able to swim to the bank. Filip got to the spot with other kids and left them with John because he was the oldest one. All kids held their hands to stay together and John called for help on his mobile phone.

Meanwhile Filip fished out frozen Thomas from the river dozens of meters lower. Both were wet and frozen, Thomas broke his arm, was bleeding from his nose and lost his new camera. Filip got a few bruises from stones in the river. Mountain rescuers were on their way to find them.

Because of this adventure all of them lost idea where they were, but Mary was searching with the compass and the map and found the way quite quickly. John helped Thomas to put his broken arm in a fixed position with a scarf and the other kids gave Filip and Thomas their spare dry clothes and warm tea. Mary found the way back to the road where they finally found the right tourist mark and rescuers appeared in no time as well, with a stretcher to bring Thomas to their car and then to the hospital.

There were no photos from this trip, but nobody will forget this experience!

Dictionary / slovníček:

torch – svítilna, baterka

spare – náhradní

snack – svačina

raincoat – pláštěnka

rules – pravidla

compulsory – povinný

to keep track of things – mít přehled

bank – břeh (nebo i banka)

meanwhile – mezitím

dozens of meters – desítky metrů

to fish out from – vylovit odněkud (většinou z vody nebo něčeho tekutého, jako je bahno)

bruise – modřina

adventure – dobrodružství

tourist mark – turistická značka

stretcher – nosítka