Oh no, there’s a fire!


John and Judy woke up in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke. “What could that be?“ Judy asked. “It smells like something is burning,” John said while trying to see something in the pitch-black darkness. He turned on the lamp standing by his bed. The light illuminated their bedroom and to their surprise, there was smoke coming from around the door. “There has to be a fire here somewhere!” Judy exclaimed. As the dark cloud of smoke emerged to the ceiling, the two carefully thought about their next steps. “Let’s open the door and see where the smoke is coming from,” John suggested but Judy quickly stopped him. “That’s not a good idea, John! We could easily allow the fire to spread even further. Let’s keep it closed.” They slowly looked around the room for other options. John started coughing: “The smoke is really itching my eyes and throat!” “We should both lay down, so the dark cloud doesn’t reach us. See?” Judy pointed towards the ceiling. “It’s going upwards, so we shouldn’t be standing.” They both ducked while looking around for other ways to escape the room. Both pairs of eyes landed on their bedroom window. “Let’s crawl out through there,” Judy screamed. They lived on the ground floor so crawling out of the window seemed pretty safe. John opened the window and helped Judy climb out. He then followed her onto the sidewalk. They turned around only to see more smoke coming from other windows with several apartments fully ablaze. “What should we do now?” Judy asked, slightly relieved they made it out in time. “Look!” John pointed at the road. “Somebody already called the firefighters! The house will be saved!” A big red firetruck arrived and swiftly took care of the flames.

Fire to-do list

  • Check the door to see if there is smoke coming from around the door – that way you know if there’s fire on the other side.
  • If there is smoke, don’t open it.
  • If don’t see any smoke, touch the door and the doorknob – if either one is hot or very warm, don’t open it.
  • Stay low – smoke naturally rises to the ceiling, you should crawl on your hands and knees to avoid it.
  • Think of the closes escape routes and try to use them.
  • If you can’t get out, call for help or call 112 if you have a mobile phone with you.
  • Never hide under beds or in closets.
  • Once you get out, never go back in for anything, tell the firefighters about anything that was left behind and they may be able to help.

Stop, Drop and Roll

If you ever catch on fire, don’t run! Instead, remember these three words and you’ll be able to put the fire out.

Dictionary / slovníček:

smell – cítit / zápach

burn – hořet

illuminate – osvítit

smoke – kouř

emerge – (vy)stoupat

carefully – opatrně

cloud – mrak

ceiling – strop

duck – skrčit se

escape – utéct

crawl – plazit se

land – přistát

ground floor – přízemí

seem – vypadat

climb – šplhat

itch – pálit / svědit

throat – krk

spread – rozšířit

ablaze – v plamenech

relieved – uklidněný / s úlevou

firefighter – hasič

escape route – úniková cesta