Weekend camping

John and Mary were looking forward to spending the first spring weekend camping together with their friends and parents. And the spring has already started! The weather looks perfect for all activities they prepared.

The idea of the weekend is simple – both Mary and John want to camp near some river, make a camp fire and roast sausages, sing their favorite songs and enjoy trips to the forest or visit some castle.

The part with singing is their favorite one. John has a song-book he made with Mary a few years back and it was the first thing he packed into his rucksack.

Friday at school passed quickly and Mary, John, three of their friends and John’s father were all set for the trip.

The camp was beautiful and the girls started setting up the tents. The boys went for some firewood and the fireplace was ready very soon.

John’s dad is a very good guitar player, so he played their favorite songs the whole evening. But the evening passed quickly and it was time to go to bed. John, his friend David, and his father decided to put out the fire, so they went down to the river to get some water.

David grabbed the biggest bucket and dipped it into the water. But the bucket was very heavy and he lost his balance, fell into the river and disappeared under the surface.

John’s dad acted quickly and jumped into the river to fish David out. He wasn’t successful for a few minutes, but suddenly both appeared on the surface. John worried about David very much but helped his dad to get him out of the water onto the bank.

John’s dad knew his son very well, so he told him:

“He’s not breathing. You know CPR, can you give it to him?”

“Yes!”, said John without hesitation.

“So get on with it, I’ll run up to the camp to find my mobile phone and send Mary down here to help you.”

John just unbuttoned David’s shirt and gave him the first five blows from mouth to mouth. His friend didn’t react, so John then continued with thirty compressions and was changing them with two rescue breaths. After two minutes of CPR John started to be exhausted, but suddenly Mary showed up.

“John! Your father told me about David. The ambulance is on it’s way.” Then she saw John’s red face and added: “Come on, I’ll do the compressions, you just blow into him.”

John appreciated Mary’s help very much and both friends were fighting for David’s life for the next few minutes alone.

Suddenly David started to caugh and Mary screamed: “He’s alive, he’s alive!” and helped David sit up and take a deep breath.

The rescuers with John’s father appeared in the same minute and gave David some oxygen and some medicine. They worked very quickly and soon took him to the hospital. Before that, one of them turned to Mary and John and said:

“You did a very good job, both of you! If only more people were able to give first aid like you two.”

Camping turned out to be a much bigger adventure than all of them expected, but their friend was saved and Mary and John were alowed to visit him in the hospital the next day.

Dictionary / slovníček:

to look forward to doing something – těšit se na něco

make campfire – udělat táborák

a few years back – před několika lety

all set – připraven

set up a tent (pitch a tent) – postavit stan

to put out a fire – uhasit oheň

to grab – popadnout

to dip – ponořit

to lose one’s balance – ztratit rovnováhu

under the surface – pod povrchem

to fish out – vylovit

(river) bank – břeh

to give CPR – poskytnout KPR

to get on with (something) – začít s (něčím)

to unbutton – rozepnout

compressions – stlačení, komprese

to show up – objevit se

to blow into – dýchat do

to appreciate – ocenit

to caugh – kašlat

to take a deep breath – zhluboka se nadechnout

to turn out to be – ukázat se jako

to expect – očekávat

adventure – dobrodružství